Wednesday, 12 July 2017

"Science" vs Religion vs Science

In response to the new "breakthrough" of teleporting a Photon 5Km above the surface of the earth, someone also was critical towards evolution and typically, the "science" brigade came and laughed at them, a newer, more bourgeois form of virtue signalling, "oh ye stupid one, how dare you question someone with a PhD, you stupid little fool you," etc and so forth.

I responded to this facebook comment thread with this long winded comment, the subject, just turned to evolution, so I gave my small opinion on that before moving on to the wider issue, and problem with any discussion related to a supposed scientific breakthrough or discovery..

"Whilst I agree that evolution "proof" is patchy at best, and when described it's put in an incredibly convenient way, much like religion is when you ask questions of it. I still think there's enough proof of evolution to fill in the gaps. I don't fully buy into the whole idea of evolution, but I think it's probably the most reasonable conclusion without any evidence at all.

That said, I also think this "photon teleporting" is absolute bollocks. And I have certain doubt that the technology available can identify the same photon 5 kilometers from the earths surface. I mean, how anyone can believe that is beyond me.

You know modern media could all collude and post the same bullshit story about science discovery and a contingent of people will just instantly believe it with absolutely no regard for the actual credibility. Because if "scientists" say it, and you rebut it, it makes you look like an outsider or unintelligent, because you disagree with the smart people, so better just agree with the "science" right? 

It's exactly the same in the way that overtly religious people in a near death situation would attribute it to divine intervention as opposed to what it was, a near death situation.

Reality is, question everything. You are more of a servant to science, even if you question commonly accepted and provable theory and practice because science by definition, is the relentless quest for THE TRUTH. And you don't get the truth by just taking whatever an "authority" says as gospel. 

How many theories have been bollocks? Many. That's the point. 

Science is always right, as much as science is never right. Science is ever changing, in 50 years a lot of what we consider hard fact will be thought of as dumb understanding of the world we live in. Think how in the yesteryear people thought the earth was flat and other bizarre things that they considered as truth. 

Why did they consider those things to be true?? Because they never asked the damn questions and they just accepted what they were "told" by a supposed academic mind without any amount of skepticism towards it. What did it take for people to say the earth was actually round? A ballsy, intelligent person, prepared to look stupid in front of everyone else, have a contrary opinion, to EVERYONE else.

If you think science is always right and never wrong and anyone that criticizes it is an absolute idiot, then it's actually YOU who is the unintelligent cretin. Even the flat earth theory guys, whether they are wrong or not, you have to respect their will to question it RELENTLESSLY. They are actually more valuable to science than those who just agree indefinitely with anything someone with a PhD says."

So, as the title explains, it seems the modern day exercises a culture war whenever scientific debate is engaged, you have the [what I call] "science" minded people, who are just out there, apparently to offer no real debate other than in support of whatever the said subject matter is, so long as someone cleverer than them said it and portray science to be this holy grail of indisputable truth.

Then you have the religious people, who seem desperate to discredit any form of science that involves humans and animals, basically, I mean at a very dumbed down level, the majority of them deem humans to be somehow not an animal, even though it's known that human organs aren't exclusive to humans, such as heart, liver, lungs etc. Other animals have them, too, other animals have eyes, we have eyes, they have hair, so do we, like I just don't see how they can participate in such an audacious denial, just because Jesus said something different.

Then you have ACTUAL scientific minded people, those that DARE to question considered "fact" and DARE to face the majority of other people who are already well [intellectually] invested in particular scientific concepts These people, however stupid their questions MAY be, are actually servants of science. As they are in constant search of truth, that is science in it's core elements is just a manifested search for truth, lets make it clear though, there should be a distinction between obvious trolls, and legitimate questions.

I admit, the flat earth theory is probably a bad example to use, since it goes BACK to a previous [false] theory of the earths existential form. But, the premise still stands, that even against all odds, interms of social retribution and embarrassment, they stand firm and ask the questions nobody can yet muster.

I hope to live in a society in the future that tolerates people with differing scientific ideas without the inevitable shit throwing and patronizing tone that people take with each other.